Software Maintenance FAQs

Keeping your SpatialAnalyzer┬« (SA) Software Maintenance Agreement current is essential for getting the most out of your investment in SA. In order to take advantage of New River Kinematics’ (NRK) highly responsive technical support and innovative software upgrades and updates, we highly recommend that you renew your Software Maintenance Agreement on an annual basis. For information about updating your contract, please email

Answers to Common Questions Regarding Software Maintenance Agreements:


Will my software stop working after my Software Maintenance Agreement Expires?

No. You can continue to use an older version of SA, but you cannot download any new features or updates, or access technical support after your Software Maintenance Agreement expires.


What are the terms surrounding my SA license?

SA license terms start at the original purchase date and continue for 12 months. Software Maintenance Agreements purchased beyond the first year continue with the same benefits as a new purchase.


If I don't renew my Software Maintenance Agreement before it expires, can I renew it at a later date?

Yes, but you will be charged for the time elapsed since the expiration date of your Software Maintenance Agreement. Software Maintenance Agreement includes upgrades, maintenance, and continuous technical support, so we highly recommend that you keep it updated without lapse. Plus, with a continuously updated Software Maintenance Agreement, there is no need to re-purchase software in the event that your instruments are upgraded.


Does my Software Maintenance Agreement include new metrology hardware interfaces?

Yes, a current Software Maintenance Agreement grants you access to all new hardware interfaces. SA interfaces with 120+ different instruments, and the list of instruments is always growing.


How will my renew be delivered?

We will renew your Software Maintenance Agreement by sending you a renewal file via email. Once installed on your computer(s), the file will instantly extend your access for one year.


Will my SA license work without the key/dongle?

No, you are required to have both the renewal file and the hardware lock/key/dongle to operate SA. You can install the renewal file on as many computers you require, but will require the hardware lock/key/dongle attached to the computer to function.


For more information about updating your maintenance contract, please call 757.565.1500 or email