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Thank you for your interest in SpatialAnalyzer®.

The links below will allow you to download SA and access additional drivers and components. If you have difficulties downloading, be sure to right-click to save. The direct SA and beta download links will redirect to accelerate the download rate. If your security blocks this process, the installers can also be accessed through the ftp site here.

Latest SA Release


Click here to download SpatialAnalyzer 2024.1.0508.3-Installer.exe (587 MB)

What's New in the Current Version

Click here to view the Readme.txt file


Instrument Manufacturers' Drivers

Click here for the Instrument Drivers (individual downloads)


SA Beta Program

A Beta version is not yet available following the new SA release.


Other Downloads

The following downloads are accessible via our FTP Site:
Main SA Install Area
Other SA Versions (Previous releases, new Beta releases, etc)
Instrument Drivers
Measurement Plan (MP) example files
CAD Validation Tool



2023 SpatialAnalyzer NIST Certification

SpatialAnalyzer has received NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Certification. For more information on NIST certification, click here.

2015 PTB Certification for SpatialAnalyzer

SpatialAnalyzer has received PTB Certification. This certification ensures that the math algorithms used adhere to known standards.


End User License Agreement & Privacy Policy

Click here for SA's End User License Agreement.

Click here for SA's Privacy Policy.

Helpful Hints for SA Users

Click here for helpful hints and tips for SA users.


Click here to access previous SpatialAnalyzer webinars.


Please contact us at 757-565-1500 or with any questions.