New River Kinematics offers two educational software packages for free download: MoluCAD and RobotAssist. MoluCAD is a full-featured molecular modeling and visualization tool designed for Windows.

-Open, View & Modify 170+ Sample Structures and Animations

-Easily Model Structures in True 3D

-Generate BMP, JPEG & AVI Files

-Build Reaction Animations Easily

-PDB, ENT, MOL & MM3 File I/O

-Interactive Periodic Table

-HTML-Based Help

-Built-In MM2 Energy Minimization


Click here to download.


MoluCAD is the result of a 3-year National Institutes of Health biomedical technology research project aimed at producing low-cost educational software for chemistry students.  See the December 1997 NCRR Reporter article, "MoluCAD: Affordable Computer Graphics for Chemistry Students." For more information, e-mail: